Established in 1996, Silicon Zoo entered into the graphic design industry with its main focus on web site design. In a short space of time, we produced a variety of web sites as word spread about the company and our previous work.

As a greater demand for a complete corporate solution emerged, we branched into various other forms of design and media as and when required by clients.  To date, our portfolio of work includes corporate identities, multimedia presentations, business applications, and television game shows.

Since Silicon Zoo was founded we've always tried to make the work we do something that we also enjoy.  For this reason, we decided to set out the following values for our company:

  • We will enjoy what we do - our work should be fun!
  • Our projects should never be tedious - If it's not exciting, it's the wrong type of work!
  • We take pride in our work - never settle for something if you know you can do better!
  • We will never compromise on originality or quality to satisfy quick turnaround time.
  • We believe that a product should be unique in itself and of the highest quality achievable by our expertise. Each Silicon Zoo product should be identifiable by its uniqueness, originality and quality.

We believe that Silicon Zoo offers a unique style of work and produce quality projects, and will continue to do so as new trends and demands emerge in our industry.BACK